DROPCLAW was born at the San Pablo Denny's during midnight sometime in 1975. While passing by the crane machine Matt remembers feeling that he "saw a part of (himself) trapped inside the machine... the little stuffed animal portion of (his) soul" and that the only way to effectively redeem himself was to "drop the claw."

Thus began DROPCLAW, our only chance at success.

Matt stood frozen, with his eyes rolled back into his head. Scott desperately dropped the claw, hoping beyond hope to retrieve the small stuffed penguin that was essential to the inner-workings of his friend.

4... 3... 2... 1...

The events of that night have cast us as new people. When we close our eyes, we see the shadow of the claw (dropping.) We form a new race, pockets completely devoid of quarters.

We will invent a new music for our people.




Dropclaw uses exclusively...

fuck you

(endorsements subject to change)

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