Hi my name is Matt. I was born November 27, 1942 in Seattle Washington. My parents split up so I had to go live with my relatives. I liked art and started to like music. I listened to records all the time and wanted to play music. I bought a guitar from my friend for $5.00. I taught myself to play the guitar. My father brought me to a music store to get my first real guitar, a white Supro Ozark electric guitar. In 1959 I joined a band called the Rocken Kings. We played at picnics, dances, everywhere. In 1961 I joined the army. The only problem was no guitars. So I quit, flew to Atlanta and joined Little Richard. Then I joined a blues group. We played two sold out shows. Then I joined my final band called the Mattieu Hebert Experience. We had a hit song called "Theme From California Games Frisbee Tournament". March 1967, during one of my concerts, I lit my guitar on fire. The crowd loved it. After that we had our first album, "Start". I went on tour with the Monkeys. Nobody liked it so I left. In January 1968 I destroyed my hotel room and went to jail. The New York times called me the black Elvis. One day at the airport a police officer stopped me and found all sorts of drugs in my bag. I went to jail. In court the jury found me not guilty. One night I took some sleeping pills they mixed in with the drugs in my body so I died. I died at the age of 27 and before I died I wrote a song called "The Story of Life".